Data Sheet
Product Aluminium Sulphate (Alum)
Physical Apperance Slab: 20 ~ 25 Kgs. Approx,
Granulated and Powdered forms ,
Nature Non Combustible / Non Hazardous


Quality Parameters Non Ferric  Ferric
Water Soluble Aluminium as AL2O3 16%Min 16%
Water Soluble Iron Compound as Fe 0.03% 0.5%
Iron as Fe2O3 0.03% 0.5%
Iron as Ferric Ion Not Obtained Not Obtained
Insoluble Matters 0.3% Max 0.5%Max
pH of 5% Solution 2.8~3.8% 2.7~3.7%
Insoluble Matters 0.03% Max 0.05 % Max
pH of 1% Solution 3.8~14.8% 3.5~4.5%
Heavy Metal PB (Not in ppm) Nil Nil
Arsenic as AS2O3 (Not in ppm) Nil Nil
Colour White Off-White
Packing  In  25 Kgs. HDPE Bags    



Anirox Aluminium sulphates are directly used as water Treatment Agents ,an assistant to Pulp and Paper Industry as an aid to resinous sizing and a fixing and retention agent. Stabilizer for synthetic rubber , food additive , Mordant for dyes , clarifying agent for oils and fats .It has some indirect uses for intermediate pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fire extinguishers etc.