Intellectual Capital

Knowledge Base

 Asset / Property Description Intensity Indicator

Patent applied on manufacturing of Black Iron Oxide Exclusive product high concentration 
Patent applied on manufacturing of Red Iron Oxide  Aniline route product
Patent applied on manufacturing of Yellow Iron Oxide  Aniline route product
Complete documentation on high temperature grade SBIO. Low volume high concentration 
Nigrosine ( Water and Oil Soluble ) Wide application and acceptance
Aniline and Nitrobenzene  Captive consumption / Independant market

Intellectual property of the company  comprises of Patents , Patents applied for documentation ready for patent application etc. All products for which patents have been obtained or sought are  developed by the  in-house R&D Dept. of the company. Production of these items on a commercial scale has been achieved through plant and machinery designed in-house

Process Technology 


Brand Equity 


Asset Property Description

Intensity Indicator

Regn . Of Anirox Name and Logo in India and abroad Significant : Product and company name/image together
Regn. of  FLOREX brand and other brand related documentation  Domestic brand for Flooring Oxide 
ISO 9001 certification and related training Corporate certificate
Proprietary drawing and designs for selected plant and machineries Designed to suit the process knowhow
Non compete covenants market Survey reports customer list and data base Important : In terms of value addition and connected  to market .

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