Synthetic Organic Dye - NIGROSINE

Anirox Nigrosine is an Azine class of Blue to Black pigment and dye 
primarily obtained from Aniline classified into three categories

C.I Acid Black 2        - Water Soluble 
C.I Solvent Black 5    - Alcohol ( Spirit ) Soluble 
C.I Solvent Black 7    - Oil soluble 

Anirox is one of the leading manufacturers of Nigrosine 
for synthetic resins, printing inks, office accessories, paints 
oil and wax products leather etc. The product is widely exported
worldwide .  

Typical Applications for Nigrosine produced by Anirox

Synthetic Resin 
Polystyrene, Rigid-Polyvinyl Chloride, Acrylic Resin, Epoxy Resin, Cellulose acetate
Phenolic Resin, Poly amide resin, Melamine resin, Urea resin etc.

Printing Ink 
Gravure ink, Ball point pen ink, Solvent marker pen ink, Water sign pen ink, Industrial special ink
and jet printer ink 

Office Accessories
Carbon paper, Printer ribbon ink, Toners.

Wood stain , Rubber stain 

Oil and Wax Products 
Shoe Polish

Leather Dyeing 

Other Uses 
Colour smoke, cosmetics, indicators

and various other applications in the mining industry