Anirox is a research-based company. The focus on research had played a pivotal role in conceiving, firming up and implementing the company's Nirtobenzene plant in 1970. The dependence on research continued. Consequently, What was in the shape of a mere routine lab structure in 1970 has today taken the colossal shape of national level R&D center. The milestone of Company's research plans and success therein are well-exhibited apostle of the research track record.

Here are some of the tangible benefits of our research forum...

Development of process know-how
Machine designing
Product development
Product customization
Cost reduction
Bench marking innovations
Access to new end applications
Other functional improvements

1971 Nitrobenzene
1973 Aniline
1978 Nigrosine
1994 Black Oxide
1999 Red Oxide
2002 Yellow Oxide
Research Projects Undertaken

Ink for jet ink printers. This is a DSIR and  NATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  COUNCIL (NRDC) sponsored project. The ink is being developed from special grade  Anirox Nigrosine. Trial runs for the project is in progress. The project for the ink is likely to be completed by 2003 


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