First Indigeneous producer of Aniline on inhouse knowhow , an import substitution effort in the 1970s

First Indigeneous producer of synthetic iron oxide pigments based on in-house knowhow

Dominant exporter of synthetic iron oxide pigments from India

Received export house status

Received certificate of merit for appropriate measures towards pollution control and effluent disposal

Received  ISO9001 certificate for Quality Assurance

Introduced non toxic flooring oxide for the first time in the country

The in-house R&D centre received DSIR recognition 

The 32 years of graceful existence has given Anirox reputation of a respectable corporate entity that itself is an achievement and immense source of happiness. During this long haul the market turned volatile on many occasions, threat potentials surfaced on technical issues, quality requirements continued to remain demanding but Anirox sailed through banking upon its dedication on technology base, focus on knowledge, human relation and quality  consciousness The viewers may see the tangibles. we carry the glory of our own intangibles .

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