Q . What are the advantages of Aniline route Iron Oxide Pigments 
A. Anti corrosion properties,  light fastness  , colour stability , colour consistency , UV stability and greater dispersion

Q. Since when is Anirox producing Iron Oxide pigments In India
A. From 1993 Anirox is producing International standard iron oxide pigment in India

Q. Do you manufacture all varieties and grades of Iron Oxide Pigments ?
A. Anirox produces all standard grades of Iron Oxide pigments in Black, Red, yellow and Brown .Please refer to the site INORGANIC PIGMENTS . For specific product related information and marketing queries  please refer to Manager ( Overseas Exports ) and Manager ( Domestic Marketing ).

Q. Is Anirox in a position to supply customized or tailor made grades for standard and non standard applications ?
A. Anirox R&D is capable of developing specific grade of Iron Oxide pigments for any designated application, requested by the client provided cost benefit analysis and other considerations for development works out favourable to Anirox . 

Q. What do i do for getting technical help from Anirox for developing pigments for any designated applications/new end use or for substitution of special pigment /dye usage by iron oxide pigments .
A. Please contact Manager-Marketing . He will coordinate the rest  with other branches and R&D .

Q. What is Anirox production capacity for Iron Oxide Pigments ?
A Black Oxide 8000 MT,Heat stable Black Oxide - 2000MT and Red Oxide - 4000MT

Q Can i place a direct order even for a small quantity .
A. Yes , if it is one of the standard grades delivery would be made within a week .

Q. What is Nigrosine ?
A. It is a black organic dye having very wide range of end uses. Please refer to the page SYNTHETIC DYES or contact Manager (Marketing).

Q. What is Anirox production capacity for Nigrosine ?
A. Anirox Is the second largest producer of Nigrosine in the world after Orient Chemicals Japan. Present production capacity is 2000MT.

Q. Whom do i contact for technical assistance about Nigrosine ?
A. You may contact Manager Material and Sales.

Q. Whom do i contact for trade terms for marketing of flooring oxide ?
A. You may contact Marketing Manager for Details

Q. Is it possible to get detailed product  presentation for bulk use/project use?
A. Yes , Anirox can organize such presentation. Contact Manager (Marketing)

Q. Can the bulk requirement be directly supplied by Anirox and the discount be passes on to the customer ?
A. Yes such arrangements may be made for convenience of the bulk consumers.