Human Resources
n Anirox human resource is synonymous with human capital. The human resource is considered a  precious posession; it gets nurtured carefully, used judiciously and cultured, developed, groomed and retained as any other resource or asset.

The human resource development activities in Anirox are multifold. One part deals with skill up gradation through intense in plant training, while knowledge orientation is through wide spectrum awareness curriculum. Achievements are remunerated, higher education gets sponsored, proactive measures find appreciation and identified talents are drawn in decision making .


About 450 people from various disciplines are in Anirox complex at Dhanbad , with various responsibilities. Other than very skilled workers we have  engineers, Chemists, Management Graduates and personnel from all other areas of activities as well.

The most significant achievement of  the company is its manpower relation .There hadn't been a days loss of work during these last 30 Years of operation .