Social Contributions

In the headqurater at Calcutta and branch   operations in other metro cities the company takes part in socio economic programs through Chamber of Commerce and Industry associations. Get togethers and similar activities also gets sponsored 

Majority of the 450 employees engaged at Anirox works come from the nearby village  where a number of socio economic programs get carried out besides welfare schemes for an overall uplift of the village .The company directly or indirectly conributes to other activities in the village like adult school, sports, community festivals, religious programs etc
Waste water disposal from the factory is aqua life sustainable ,clear and as per the norms laid down by the concerned authorities the flow gets settled in a kind of lake which is maintained by the company. 
A small housing colony has been developed near  the factory where good number of production and maintenance personnel have been housed in standard apartment housing facility . The housing complex is fitted with electricity,  backup generation through diesel generating set , water supply, community hall fitted with modern amenities etc..